7 Cool Things and Gifts Made From Wood

Check out the best things and gifts made from wood that never go out of style. We highlight some cool gift ideas, from the wooden camera to real wood iPhone covers!


1. Wood Clock

This elegant design is  truly timeless, and will incredible in any room where you decide to place it.

A perfect gift for those annoying fathers who never seem to need anything when their birthdays come around!

source: http://minimalissimo.com/2012/07/primary-clock/


2. Wooden Espresso Maker

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly made espresso, but with this wooden espresso maker, you’ll find yourself going over to it more and more often.

It is tactile that you’ll soon find any excuse for a coffee!

source: http://www.swiss-miss.com/2011/04/wooden-espresso-maker.html


3. Wooden Glasses

Fashion never moves in the way that you would expect it to, but no one could have predicted wooden sunglasses – an excellent present for yourself.

source: http://www.woodzee.com/blog


4. Wooden Camera

If you have a sister that loves vintage, you may have discovered the best present in the world for her.

This natural wood gives the camera a real warmth, and you may find yourself asking to borrow it all of the time.

source: http://design-milk.com/ilott-vintage-cameras/


5. Wooden Home Decor

Having natural wooden items as decorations within your home has been proven to relax the inhabitants – and these ones are so beautiful!

You can never beat hand crafted wood, and these can be great presents for those awkward family members that you never know what to buy for.

source: http://www.aarikka.com/en/home-and-leisure/home-decoration/Juhlapaessi-koriste-luonnonvaerinen


6. Wooden Light Bulb

Contrary to most people’s beliefs, wood is not actually that easy to set on fire, especially after it has been treated.

That makes this wood light bulb something to both love yourself, and amaze your guests with.

source: http://www.hemmesphere.co.uk/


7. Wood iPhone 6 Skins

These carefully created wood iPhone 6 skins are beautiful, and will be the perfect accessory to the latest technology: bringing vintage and modern together.

The different tones all have a rich warmth that you simply cannot get from plastic.